Banning the Boring Bathroom: Turning the John from Dull to Dramatic

I just had this realization, the rooms of the house are kind of like the members of the family who live there, each has its own identity. But when it comes to the bathroom, where everybody lives, too often the decorating style begins with the towels on the rack and ends with the bath mat on the floor. Why not give the bathrooms some character? Re-doing the look of the bathroom doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to shell out $10,000 to do the job. You can perform relatively inexpensive cosmetic surgery on your bathroom if you do the work yourself and call on your creativity. Ashley March has some tips that will help you turn your humdrum bathroom into a space that’s not just function, but fun.

My Bathroom From Boring to Dramatic

Think old. Think vintage. Shopping for items to turn your bathroom into a place that boasts its own identity can take you everywhere from Craigslist to a local Habit for Humanity ReStore, where you can find sinks toilets, tubs, mirrors, and even doors. A new trend in bathrooms is the “dresser sink” in which the dresser top is cut out to make room for the sink to be inserted within and holes cut in back for the plumbing connections.

One of the most affordable, and most significant, ways to redo your bathroom is with new fixtures. The sink faucet, towel racks and light fixtures will make a dramatic difference in the look you’re striving to create. Ever thought of using Tupperware for lamps? Maybe you should. You can have an original look without straining your bank account.

Another way to give your bathroom a new look is to clean the grimy grout and re-caulk the tub and sink. It’s the kind of re-do that’s noticed right away and instantly brightens the bathroom. It’s not a glamorous task, but it’s affordable and easy, and you’ll love the final effect.

Paint costs less than tile, but it does take time because bathroom walls are busy with appliances, decorations, and fixtures. Because all that water and all those hot showers are a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew, you need to choose quality paint with a satin finish. Don’t forget the painter’s tape!

Now you have a bathroom with personality. Because as we all know, the bathroom is the real family room.

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Monetize Your Closet: How to Turn Your Wardrobe into A Piggy Bank

You remember the movie 27 Dresses? In the film, Katherine Heigl played a woman who’d gone down the aisle 27 times—as a bridesmaid. Too bad Katherine didn’t know about what’s called the sharing economy—with a little entrepreneurial savvy, she could have monetized her closet and used those bridesmaid dresses to generate income. There’s a new game in town, and Ashley March can tell you that you can take those dresses that are hogging space in your closets and sell them.


Your closets is for what you are wearing now, not for what you had to wear because your best friend was going through a fuchsia phase that didn’t work at all for you because you’re a redhead, but would she listen—

Relax. Your closet can double as an income source. From Uber to Instacart, the Internet has — once again — revolutionized commerce and this time even fashion is taking part of the new sharing economy. There are websites such as Poshmark, Threadflip and Tradesy that allows you to sell your still-fashionable clothing items which are sitting in your closet and make some extra cash. When you can recycle your fashion for cash, there’s plenty of incentive to clean out your crammed closet.

Are you cringing because you had one of those loved-it-when-you-bought-it moments, but then you brought it home and—what were you thinking? By monetizing your closet, you can turn your shopping faux pas into economic gain. This fast-growing peer-to-peer commercial network means that the business suit that you don’t wear anymore because you’re now teaching yoga classes can be worn by a professional woman who wants a classy outfit without paying the original price. Everyone wins, and the entire process—pricing, listing, purchasing, shipping, returning—is painless and efficient. And this actually helps retailers, because the data indicates that shoppers are more likely to buy if they’re thinking that their purchase can be sold later on.

It’s true what they say about retail therapy. It’s helping the economy, and it’s helping you. At Ashley March we’re all about living a life that’s low on guilt and high on style—and if your style changes a lot, now it doesn’t have to strain your budget.

Doesn’t this make you look at your closet in a whole new way? Maybe Bridezilla would turn into Bridella if she knew that that beautiful wear-it-one-time expensive dress could finance a new wardrobe. All it takes is a closet!