My Client’s Brand New Apartment… Flooded

I feel so bad for my client. We had just finished his remodeling his vacation rental unit in Miami when one of his contractors punched a whole in a pipe and the whole apartment inundated. Thank god it wasnt one of my guys?

Flooded Living Room

Luckily he had insurance so he will claim the loss through his public adjuster which should be able to recover all his money.

I did recommend him to go document everything in minute detail. I have a friend who does this for a small fee. His name is Oded and his company specializes in water damage restoration and leak detection in Boca Raton. So he will come down to Miami next week to document everything for my client and check for more leaks. If you need the vendors contact info, reach out to me.

Designer Friendly Plumbers in Fort Lauderdale

Super Plumbing LLC in Fort Lauderdale

I had a such a great experience with a plumber in Fort Lauderdale that I decided I would post about it here. Super Plumbing LLC is not your common plumbing company, they specialize in high end residential and commercial plumbing in Fort Lauderdale.

What I liked most about this company is that they worked around my needs as an interior designer to make sure their plumbing work did not interfere with my design work. In some cases, the folks at super plumbing even suggested enhancements to my work using pipes and and installing faucets for a modern industrial look I couldn’t have though about myself.

I do have to warn you, they are no cheap, but the work they do is worth it 100%. They are spotless and they do all their work up to code. I highly recommend them.

Locksmith That Fixed my Garage Door for Free

In this post, I want to digress for once and tell you about a locksmith company I had the pleasure of working with while I was vacationing in Tampa, FL. My mother invited me over and while we were there I started envisioning the upgrades that my parent’s house could have. Well, as the design nerd I am, I took my Dad to the Home Depot and made him buy all I needed to do a quick refresh of their house. We bought Sherwin Williams paint, new blinds, a beautiful hanging lamp, and a new door to separate the garage from the garden. I painted the walls myself, I even installed a new hanging lamp, but one thing I don’t know how to do is install doors. I didn’t think hiring a contractor and pulling permits was necessary for such a small job, so I looked for a Locksmith in Tampa by asking around to the home depot.

Locksmith for Garage Door in Tampa, FL

I got 3 or 4 different numbers and searched for them online. The website looked reputable so I gave them a call. Well, I was right. They came to install my parent’s gate that same day. I was expecting the usual Tampa locksmith (fat and dirty), I was surprised when a very clean and athletic guy knocked on the door. He did the job in about 20 minutes, and he charged me just $80.00. I was expecting to pay at least $200 for a job like the one he did. I offered him a tip, but he refused. He only wanted me to review his his company on yelp.

Then, he noticed that my parent’s garage door was making some noises, so he brought his tools from his van and fixed it for free. Apparently, all it needed was some lubricants, but any other locksmiths would have taken advantage and charged us for something as simple as putting a little oil in a chain. I highly recommend if you live in tampa. I think they also work in Atlanta and Miami if I am not mistaken.

Italian Window Treatments I Recommend

Here’s a quick tip for my fellow interior designers who live in Miami:

I came across Attico Concepts Window Treatments because it is located right next to Armadi Closets. They have super awesome window treatments in Miami. These are not simple window treatments like you will find in the Home Depot. They have motorized roller shades, interior shutters (which I think look cute), sliding panels and now they also have textured wall coverings (like wallpapers but better).

Here is a small video with a few of the things they offer:

If you need more info, just Google Attico Concepts and you will find them. The owner is an Italian guy with really good taste. His name is Marco Pagliaroli. Tell him you know me and he will hook you up!

Until next time… Your Friend Ashley

PS> For your convenience, here is the map so you can get there with no problem.

Banning the Boring Bathroom: Turn the John from Dull to Dramatic

They sold my house in Boca Raton

The rooms of the house are kind of like the members of the family who live there, each with its own identity. But when it comes to the bathroom, where everybody lives, too often the decorating style begins with the towels on the rack and ends with the bath mat on the floor. Why not give the bathrooms some character? Re-doing the look of the bathroom doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to shell out $10,000 to do the job. You can perform relatively inexpensive cosmetic surgery on your bathroom if you do the work yourself and call on your creativity. Ashley March has some tips that will help you turn your humdrum bathroom into a space that’s not just function, but fun.

Think old. Think vintage. Shopping for items to turn your bathroom into a place that boasts its own identity can take you everywhere from Craigslist to a local Habit for Humanity ReStore, where you can find sinks toilets, tubs, mirrors, and even doors. A new trend in bathrooms is the “dresser sink” in which the dresser top is cut out to make room for the sink to be inserted within and holes cut in back for the plumbing connections.

One of the most affordable, and most significant, ways to redo your bathroom is with new fixtures. The sink faucet, towel racks and light fixtures will make a dramatic difference in the look you’re striving to create. Ever thought of using Tupperware for lamps? Maybe you should. You can have an original look without straining your bank account.

Another way to give your bathroom a new look is to clean the grimy grout and re-caulk the tub and sink. It’s the kind of re-do that’s noticed right away and instantly brightens the bathroom. It’s not a glamorous task, but it’s affordable and easy, and you’ll love the final effect.

Paint costs less than tile, but it does take time because bathroom walls are busy with appliances, decorations, and fixtures. Because all that water and all those hot showers are a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew, you need to choose quality paint with a satin finish. Don’t forget the painter’s tape!

Now you have a bathroom with personality. Because as we all know, the bathroom is the real family room.

This article is courtesy of They are probably the best way to sell your house in Florida. Check them out if you are looking for reliable house buyers.

Closets that Save You Time

Closet space is key for an organized lifestyle, but if your closet is an inventory of every style and size you’ve been for the last decade, it’s time to figure out a system that will work for who you are and what you wear now. Ashley March can help you come up with some very simple and affordable ways to make your closet work better.

Armadi Closets in Miami

The key to a closet that gets you started out right is to be able to use all of the space: over, under, sideways, down. Don’t just think horizontally—there’s more to your closet than the clothes rack. You can store the items that you don’t use as often in places that aren’t as easy to reach; this can be your system for cycling seasonal clothes. There’s no point in having your winter boots taking up prime space when you need more room for your Saturday night shoes. You can store things in bins on the top shelf or in boxes on the floor in the corners of the closet. Keep the clothing that you wear most often at eye-level, so that when you open the closet doors on Monday morning, you don’t have to think too hard about what to wear because it’s right there in front of you.

If you can see what you have, you’re going to save valuable hours. Don’t turn your socks into a geology project that means digging through layers—put them in see-through containers. There are lots of options, including wire bins, portable cabinets that are easy to move, and extra shelving. Also, it’s much easier to accessorize if you can spot colors at a glance.

Don’t forget that you need to be able to see what’s in your closet, so you need good lighting. But light isn’t the only issue— in a small closet, incandescent lighting might be a fire hazard, so it’s best to go with fluorescent lighting. The fire department doesn’t want to see your wardrobe that badly!

One more thing: remember that closets often have uninvited guests taking up space: that would be mold and mildew, those eternal enemies of your wardrobe. Make sure that air can flow in your closet space; you might want to invest in a dehumidifier to prevent your clothes from taking on that musty smell. And while your grandmother might tell you that cedar chips are a must for your closet, make sure that you use them judiciously unless you want your clothes to smell like a pet store.

This article was written by Daniel Zegen from Armadi Closets. If you are looking to get a custom closet in Miami, look no further. If you need more space in your closet, check them out. They also craft the best sliding doors in Miami.

Turning Your Closet Into A Piggy Bank

You remember the movie “27 Dresses”? In the film, Katherine Heigl played a woman who’d gone down the aisle 27 times—as a bridesmaid. Too bad Katherine didn’t know about what’s called the sharing economy—with a little entrepreneurial savvy, she could have monetized her closet and used those bridesmaid dresses to generate income. There’s a new game in town, and Ashley March can tell you that you can take those dresses that are hogging space in your closets and sell them.

Closets are for what you wear now, not for what you had to wear because your best friend was going through a fuchsia phase that didn’t work at all for you because you’re a redhead, but would she listen—

Relax. Your closet can double as an income source. Modern technology and the Internet have reinvented the economy and here’s your chance to be a part of a new trend that means you’re not locked into your purchases because they don’t have to be permanent. There are websites that will give you details on how to turn your wardrobe into money. When you can recycle your purchases for cash, there’s plenty of incentive to clean out your crammed closet.

Are you cringing because you had one of those loved-it-when-you-bought-it moments, but then you brought it home and—what were you thinking? By monetizing your closet, you can turn your shopping faux pas into economic gain. This fast-growing peer-to-peer commercial network means that the business suit that you don’t wear anymore because you’re now teaching yoga classes can be worn by a professional woman who wants a classy outfit without paying the original price. Everyone wins, and the entire process—pricing, listing, purchasing, shipping, returning—is painless and efficient. And this actually helps retailers, because the data indicates that shoppers are more likely to buy if they’re thinking that their purchase can be sold later on.

It’s true what they say about retail therapy. It’s helping the economy, and it’s helping you. At Ashley March we’re all about living a life that’s low on guilt and high on style—and if your style changes a lot, now it doesn’t have to strain your budget.

Doesn’t this make you look at your closet in a whole new way? Maybe Bridezilla would turn into Bridella if she knew that that beautiful wear-it-one-time expensive dress could finance a new wardrobe. All it takes is a closet. . .